Clemens: Not Guilty

Roger Clemens was acquitted on all perjury charges. If in fact we have a system of justice in place to determine these things…then why shouldn’t Roger Clemens now be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot?

As I have been saying all along: How can lying to Congress be a crime? Clemens should put lying to Congress on his resume. :lol:

I never thought he shouldn’t.

America forgives the most idiotic ridiculous transgressions of way too many (Even let OJ off the help…but don’t you steal that memorabilia)…I always thought the evidence flimsey and it never appeared in his blood or urine…So based on that and a couple of NBA lotteries…
I’m also a “why keep Pete out” guy also so I may be discounted and sumerilly stood in front of a wall :shock: :wink:

An incredible waste of taxpayers money, government resources and righteous indignation…which the jury quickly determined should be turned around and inserted where the sun don’t shine.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” --John Lennon

Not only should Clemens be allowed in the HoF, he should get on his first ballot.

As far as Pete Rose is concerned ne should have been inducted into the HoF a long time ago.

McNamee really? This is the guy the government relies on for factual information?
Shady? Oh yeah!

Glad to hear he was acquitted.

I’m really torn on this one the kid in me is ecstatic. The man in me is skeptical.

I do hope though that he does make his way to the hall regardless. His career was outstanding.

I believe that the people who vote for the hall of fame said that they will never put anyone into the hall that was involved with steriods. Since he was aquitted, he might be expemt from that. But I believe it will take a while for him or anyone involved with PED’s gets in.

Voting for the Hall of Fame is limited to members of the Baseball Writers Association of America who have been members for ten consecutive years. Once the writer receives the privilege of voting, it is never removed even after retirement and ceasing active coverage of baseball. This is called a lifetime honorary membership. In 2010, 581 writers of approximately 650 participated. A ballot consists of 30 players names selected by a six member screening committee. A writer can vote for up to 10 players. The following explanation of qualifications are included with the ballot:

To be elected a player must be selected on 75% of the total ballots returned. If a blank ballot is returned, it counts. For instance, Nellie Fox in his last year of eligibility received 74.6% of the vote, 2 ballots shy and was refused election into the Hall of Fame.

So is it possible that someday 3 out of every 4 voters will believe association with PEDs is insignificant compared to the total career achievement of say a Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmiero or Mark McGwire?

I believe the answer to that lies in your perception of the Hall of Fame, not the player.

Congress needs to stay the heck out of Baseball…no…stay out of sports in general. Isn’t what they are elected for, definitely more pressing issues they could be involved in!

While I hold no special place in my heart for Congress…it should be pointed out that the Supreme Court is responsible for passing the buck when it decided to provide anti-trust exemption to baseball and none of the other sports. Baseball it seems is not interstate commerce. Hmmm. A nice history and factual summary of the whole mess can be found here:

I’d be satisfied if Congress just went home until something significant needed doing. Benjamin Franklin during the Constitutional Convention proposed that elected governmental officials not be paid for their service. He was overruled and it’s been downhill ever since.