Clemen's Interview


In the end of the article, there are some lawyers stating they will sue Clemens if he says on 60 minutes that McNamee lied.

[quote]Clemens taped the interview with “60 Minutes” last week in Houston. According to several New York Times reports, McNamee has hired Richard D. Emery, a lawyer who specializes in libel and defamation, and the two plan to sue Clemens if Clemens says on “60 Minutes” that McNamee was lying when he said he injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs.

“He’s got a chance to protect himself,” Emery said to the Times. “We’re not going to sue him if he doesn’t do it. But if he does it, we’re going to sue him.”[/quote]

This is a ver interesting topic, because now he is saying that he was injected with a pain reliever and vitamin B12 whereas before he said he was never injected, I just find all of these proceedings very interesting.

I smell waffles!

This is an interesting line from Clemens’ statement:

“I did not provide Brian McNamee with any drugs to inject into my body.”

Leaves a bit of wiggle room.

For me the most disturbing claim is the use of lidocaine without really understanding how it works. He claims its use as a pain reliever. Well, that’s true. However it is used only to numb the region. Not for systemic ‘pain relief’ as in aspirin or some other med. Having said that, B12 injections are painful and lidocaine might be used to minimize the pain of the local injection. As I said, his apparent lack of understanding of that issue is most disturbing to me. It’s also disturbing that so far the media isn’t catching on either.


O :cry:

Tejada had B-12 shipped to his clubhouse. Many others outed by roids claimed they took B-12 also.

What does B-12 even do for you?



Undoubtedly useful and effective. Help with energy and mental function.

That being said a reasonable dosage would be something like 100mcg daily (1/10 mg) (orally). Athletes may put a weeks supply of B12 in one syringe and inject it a whopping 1mg.

I dunno, I think if I’m a world class athlete, for one I’m not gonna be using a syringe to take vitamins, two I’m gonna be getting my stuff from a reputable source.

Clemens isn’t stupid…

I think this whole B12 crap is just a front. Balco, had this amazing plan, market the heck out of a supplement, ZMA, have their athletes wear ZMA t-shirts, etc. ZMA has some research showing improved testosterone levels in stressed individuals.

That being said, the ZMA, which is really just Zinc, Magnesium, and B6 was a front. A facade to what they were really supplying.

I highly suspect that B12 is a front for what was actually being purchased.

It is an unbelievable cop out that he makes the statement
"I did not provide Brian McNamee with any drugs to inject into my body."

McNamee is the ONE with the steriod connections. Why the heck would Clemens buy them (putting his own butt on the line for purchasing illegal substances) and then hand them to a trainer, with steroid connections.

McNamee was the one doing the purchasing, whether or not Clemens used them, we may not know.

I don’t want to call Clemens guilty, but I think his latest statements are all cop outs, and if he really didn’t know what he was injecting into his body. Steroid injections have WAY more quantity than a tiny 1mg B12 shot.

Surely he isn’t that dumb…

Good interview. I don’t see how he could have literally taken anabolic steroids without his tendons being destroyed.

However, HGH wouldn’t out of the question.

Pretty funny how McNamee asked Clemens where his “good” fishing stuff was in the days before the Mitchell report was released.

It’s also ironic that his name is McNamee, as he literally was the namee for Clemens and Pettitte. :\

He also said “I never took anabolic steroids.”

WHAT ABOUT HGH he never mentioned it. At least Andy Pettite was a big enough man to admit he took HGH

Maybe he didn’t take HGH