O k I’m pretty sure i’m not the only one who encounters this:
I tend to drag my back foot when i pitch and as a result of this my right cleat always ends up having a whole on the front of it. this allows rocks and dirt into my shoe making it uncomfortable ( not to mention looking ridiculous
are there any ways to keep my cleat from riping in the front

This is one solution. I know there are a bunch of things out there to fix your exact problem.

there are also some brands of cleats that just have thicker plastic in the toe

I use the thing huskey mentioned and it solved my problem.

Tuff toe is what I use, I have the exact same problem as you and the tuff toe stops the tearing. My only problem with tuff toe is that when you put it on it’s so shiny. And looks like you melted a garbage bag on your cleat. So I just sand it down to get rid of the shine.