Clear up, mind issue

Hey there,

Usually when I step on the mound as a starter, my head is pumped up with all kinds of things I don’t wanna’ think about at that moment. how do you guys clear up your mind? Usually I step off the mound, but often that doesn’t work. I really need to focus on my target, the glove.
Can you give me some hints?

Here’s what I did and suggest: Get angry. Then direct that anger at the batter. Then show the batter who’s boss by going about your business of getting him out.

Really working yourself up to the point of anger does two things: it clears your mind of anything else, which is good. And it keeps you on task, pitch after pitch.

The more angry you are when you pitch, the more successful you may be.

Steve…The Splended Splinter said all pitchers were stupid. I think he out angried every pitcher he faced.