Cleaning Up Mechanics - Help With Lower Half

Hi all,
For an introduction: I’m a D3 LHP, I’m 6’4, 200lbs. Last year was my first year with my team and I didn’t get any innings because of control issues. Currently I throw 83-85, but almost all my power comes from my arm and front oblique muscles pulling. This offseason I’m trying to work on my mechanics to actually use my lower half so I can be quieter with my front side and arm (I have a wonky arm action as is). I also want to be able to actually use my body, because I know I have the strength and flexibility to throw significantly harder than I do now with less stress on my arm. Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking into mechanics for the first time in my life and doing dry work to try and implement these into my throwing. Specifically, I decided to start from the ground up to try and fix my mechanics. Right now, I’m having a lot of trouble getting a feel for everything, and I’m very front leg dominant. I feel like a get to a decent loaded position, but as soon as my lift leg starts to move forward I immediately rush it forwards and open my hips, my back foot loses contact with the rubber, and all my weight crashes onto my front leg about 4 inches to the left of my back foot. Meanwhile, my back leg extends too early and then drags behind my hips until release, where my upper half torque pulls it up and around. All of this is preventing from generating any hip to shoulder separation and external rotation in my arm action. What can I do to stop being so front half dominant, hold torsion and get to a better loaded position?

Here’s a video of me doing dry work with a towel:

First off put the towel away…everything my body does with a towel is to get out front and push the towel down…which makes you front side heavy and puts the focus in the wrong place.

You are already leaking forward before you get to your ‘top’…your top is the height of your lift. If you do not break your hands at your top before you have started moving forward then you will always be playing catch up.

Couple things…

You keep the pressure on your backside in the right spot…but do it without hooking the rubber with your cleat. Maintain your head in a comfortable position over the center of your weight that should be on your backside hip…yours is in the middle which makes you feel like you are falling forward as soon as you lift and makes you rush to break and eventually rush to throw. So get in a good position with your head over your back hip that is still loose and relaxed. You can do this by putting the pressure in your back half into the knee joint and not tension in your quad. Tension only produces more tension. Pressure on the back half is not weight on the back half…pressure makes me rush, weight on the back half is what I can control and transfer. Start there.

you should try to follow through with your arm and leg

if that is what your having trouble with

Thats part of the problem…verbiage that is vague and misleading. Follow through with your arm and leg is a moot point and puts the mind to focus on ‘extension’ or following through…all of which make the front side soft and turns into a push. Backside loaded…and finish with a pull down of acceleration against a strong front lead leg.