Clayton Kershaw pitching mechanics (GIFs)




If there’s a few things to take away from watching these video clips.
Watch how he stays with the pitch, every pitch, no matter what that pitch is. He doesn’t bail out and pop up during his final report (release), he exchanges his glove shoulder with his pitching shoulder (burying his pitching shoulder into his backstop), and his glove arm disciplines stays somewhat the same (with minor changes) - pitch after pitch after pitch, his glove arm’s elbow clears the flat of his back during and after release of his pitch.

He does “tip off” that nasty curveball though. When he tosses the “uncle Charlie” he tends to tuck his glove into his crotch. On the other hand, his curve is so good and nasty that it probably would make much difference one way or the other if most batters in the Majors picked it up anyway.

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Kershaw’s mechanics makes absolutely no sense. I cant understand it for the life of me. Although there are many different styles to pitching, one can usually find a few pitchers with similar pitch mechanics. Does anyone else pitch like Kershaw with that pause at foot drop? Gives me a headache trying to figure the guy out.

I pause at the foot drop, and I’ve been wondering if I would get more velocity if it was more fluent.

Notice how Kershaw Peter Pans off to his right after every pitching - regardless what that pitch is.


Well, let’s take a look at those parts of his body that force a balance scenario after his release.

First off his pause with that stride leg may seem the reason- but it’s not.

Watch his glove hand closely. As he finishes every single pitch at release, his glove gets tucked into his belt line. Couple this with his explosive power going forward, his pitching arm comes around and down, then his pitching hand ends up swinging down to his stride leg’s knee. All of that shifting of weight and mass on the move- to his glove side, creates an off-balance situation for this man after the pitch.

Health reasons to be concerned with - I don’t know enough about the man’s history nor do I know enough about the man himself to make a comment.

However, it seems that Kershaw and those like him would be very weak towards the first baseline on the bunt.

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Three-pitch sequence: FB, CB, SL

“Nose to toes” curveball…