Class of '18 College RHP looking to consistently in the low 90s

I am a 6’3"190 pound 18 y/o freshmen RHP at a decent D2 team in a extremely stacked offensive conference. I’ve been playing baseball since I could walk and its my passion, true love, and escape. I’ve hit 91 as a HS senior and was sitting at 86-88 throughout the season. Due to a fractured back over the summer I was shut down for awhile and have been consistently sitting 84-86 and topping out at 87. I do olympic style lifting, weighted ball work, long toss literally everyday, and do explosive work. Im just looking to get back to 91 and stay there and all help would be appreciated.


I’d be curious to hear your honest assessment of any residual effects of your back injury. Have you lost any strength or flexibility? Do you still favor your back in any way? Do you lack any confidence in your back?

First, as Roger said, welcome…
A serious back injury can be a scary thing and hard to over come. I am glad you are back pitching.
As Roger stated doing a detailed honest evaluation would be a good starting point.
I am assuming you worked with a physical therapist as part of your injury recovery?
Have you been through a quality movement/mobility screening?

I feel that I may have lost a small fraction of my flexibility in my back which is to be expected. As to strength, I have been able to regain the strength that I had before the injury and then some. I feel extremely confident in my back, although when I am doing certain thing and bend back past a certain extent while bearing weight I do tend to favor it a tad bit. Other then that I feel 100%

I did work a great deal with my physical therapist on my movement/mobility. I also did a great deal of core work in order to build the muscles there to take pressure off of my back. When I throw my back does not hinder me at all which I am most thankful for, I just really want to get back into the 90s as I was in HS.

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Post some video in the Mechanics section so we can look for any mechanical issues.

I just posted a video in the mechanics section.