Clarks Sports log(multiple sports)

Ok my name is Clark.
Im in 7th
Play 3 sports, baseball!!!basketball, and football.
Right now im playing football and i am starting practice with my club team.
In baseball i can play all positions but prefer pitcher 3rd and second.
In basketball i play starting center and second string forward.
In football i play middle and outside linebacker, and tight end.
In my arsenal i have a 4 seam, c change, and a curve, working on a sinker.
I usually bat 3rd in the line up.(im in a huge slump right now but i have time to work on it).
I way 150
Im 5 7
I dont have a workout program right now.
Maybe if someone reads this they could give me one.
I will try to post every other day.

Today i didnt have football but i had a light basketball practice and i just practice pick and rolls and layups.

This will be good. I look forward to following your log…

Went to go see the local colleges basketball game and later im goin to go see the football game at the college.

But i went to go run around the high schools track and i did some light throwing.

I lost my baseball game yesterday. My old coach asked me to substitute for one of his sick players so i got to play but we lost.

See my new question in the general pitching forum thingy.

Lost my football game on saturday.

I got 2 sacks, and got a 20 yard catch.

I had football practice today.

Yesterday i had my only free to do anything day.
That was great.

But today i had a conditioning practice for basketball and ran 2 miles in pe

I cant wait to ball up any foo that tries to get in my way when basketball starts:)

Last year my team won the champion ship for my league and went on to beat our county but lost in the semi finals of socal(southern california)

Can you dunk?

Nah im about half a foot away from touching the rim

I can touch the middle of the net when i jump my highest>

Well today i played some one on one b ball with my friend he won by one point 20 to 21.

And i did some long toss with him.

had no practices today

I can touch net, because of my height.

You can touch the net without jumping?

No, I have to jump a little, but my vertical is like 6".

OH cool