Circle changes and Vulcan Changes

I currently throw a 4-seam FB, 2-seam FB, splitter, circlechange, knucklecurve, and a 12-6 curveball. My circlechange is slower than my fastball (I’m not sure how much slower, but I know it’s slower). My circlechange isn’t straight like a fastball but sometimes moves like a curveball (straight down) or sometimes it curves away from righthanded batters (I’m a righthanded pitcher). Should the circlechange be straight like a fastball or have curveball movement like mine does?

I throw my circle with my thumb and index finger forming the “circle” and my middle finger and ring finger on the ball with a 2-seam grip and the pinky is just touching the ball on the side.
This site shows the circle change thrown differently:
Is their actually a difference between the 2 considering movement and speed?

Does anyone know to throw a Vulcan Change such as the one Eric Gagne uses?

Does anyone know how to throw a screwball?


Slow down your throwing way too many pitches. You shouldn’t need those different kinds of pitches. You should work on your best pitches perfecting them so you can throw them as strikes would be a good goal but not so many pitches.

yea man first thats too many
i have 7 total pitches myself but they are all variations of the fastball

4 seam 2 seam cutter circle changeup and forkball

ok now
it depends on the grip
circle changeups tend to have movement due to the grip
if you wanted a straight change youd probably wanna throw a pitchfork changeup

its the pressure of your fingers. If you put pressure to the middle finger it should cut in on righties