Circle change...?

Hi i pitch in high school and i pitch what is a circle change grip but it has a very big break. I found it out by just throwing out back. Ya so is this something that isnt really seen, or does it have a name and or is it used by a pitcher? thanks

yeah that’s pretty much the point…ever heard of greg maddux? pedro martinez?

Well johan santana throws a circle change but it doesnt have much if any break on it…ya ive heard them a couple times

but johan santanas circle change is one of the most deceptive in all of baseball, he actually says its the pitch that saved his pitching career

Woah there, im not saying anything bad about his pitch at all. Im simply saying that johan Santana throws a circle change and it doesnt break like i was describing.

2 of the best change ups in the game, johan and hoffman, do not rely on movement. the rely on the great arm speed and then a 15+ mph difference. if you can do that, it don’t have to move or turn over.

You first and foremost want faastball arm speed, then you want location, then movment. A lots of guys get good movment on their change up by turning it over a little. You can actually throw a change up off a change up by varying the amount you turn it over, Edinson Volquez of the Reds does this. Voquez’z normal change up comes in about 75 to go with his (95 mph fastball), but every once is a while he throws a 66 mph changeup off his change up. This is just unfair to the batter (which means is it waaay OK!) Ian

Santana and Hoffman throw from a high overhand arm slot. This results in little movement.

Pedro Martinez throws from a sidearm slot, so he gets very late movement. Almost like a splitter/screwball. Most sidearm changeups will look like this.

the thing they have in common is the great arm speed and the change comes from the same arm slot as the fastball.

Wow thanks guys that is some great footage right there. I think that it is a well known fact that many younger pitchers need to develop a change-up. They may take pride in blowing the ball by the batter but sooner or later someone will catch up to them. I heard a saying once that a change up at the knees is 100% effective and a changeup below the knees is 75% effective.