Circle Change

I want to knw if you hold the circle change tight or just loose like if your throwing the 4 seam fastball?
I want to start throwing that pitch and stop throwing curveballs so much.


i changed mine from palmball to circle change back to palmball

circle didnt do much for me

Hold the circle change back in your hand but loose over a four seam grip and then pronate over to make it tail and drop that will get the maximum movement out of your pitch.

what do you mean pronate you mean by twisting my wrist to the right (im a rhp)?? if its dat i tried that and the ball came out flying out of my hand, it wasnt good :lol:

Relax your index finger and pinky. They are supposed to rest on the sides of the ball and cause friction. Only use your middle and ring fingers to “snap off” the ball. Compared to using your index and middle finger for a fastball.

You don’t need to hold it deep in your palm. Holding it as deep as a fastball is fine. Imagine it as a fastball thrown with your middle and ring fingers.

If the change isn’t working for you, you can try a forkball or splitter as your offspeed pitch.

is that a three finger change up you talking about or the circle change???

Circle change.