Circle Change

I am having trouble understanding this pitch. How it’s thrown, Grip, and if to hold the ball tight or not. I read steve’s article over pitching grips but i am still confused. Some feedback, pics, and suggestions would be very helpful 8)


There is a page on Steve’s site on how to hold/throw…

I think the big key is throw it like a fast ball, and really pronate your hand.


If you have trouble with the circle change, try the pitchfork grip. It is easier for many pitchers, especially younger kids and guys with smaller hands. All you do is put three fingers on top of the ball, with the index and ring fingers on either side and the middle riding along top. Thumb is directly underneath, about in line with the middle finger. Throw it just as you would the fastball, and as you get more comfortable, you can start trying some pressure points on either side of the ball.

Its kindof hard to explain. But i pretend the two fingers, middle finger and ring finger are just on the ball throwing it exactly like a fastball. It works for me, sorrry if you dont understand