Circle change works only thrown side arm

i am a three quarters arm slot pitcher, and when i throw my circle change overhand, it does nothing, but when i throw it side arm, it has some movement.

my catcher and coach keep telling me not to throw it side arm, but thats the only way i can get it to move like a circle change.

what should i do?

I think you should throw it exactly the same way you throw your fastball. At first if its not doing anything, don’t give up on it, play with different grips while having a catch. In the pen just keep working on it. In game I still think you should throw it same as your fastball even if its flat because when telegraphing throwing it sidearm hitters will pick up that very quickly and the more you throw it the closer you get to where you want it to be.

yeah i get that, thanks!

If, after working on it, you still can’t get the circle change to work for you when you throw 3/4, my advice would be to drop that pitch at least for the time being and try another changeup that will work for you. There is absolutely no sense in telegraphing it, which is what you’d be doing if you use an arm angle that differs from the one you use with your other stuff. There’s a whole closetful of changeups from which you can pick and choose. 8)

when i throw my change overhand it drops more, when i go side arm in runs more, i throw both depending on situation and lefty righty.

try a split finger or fork ball if change is not working

yeah, it totally loses the purpose. i’ll try out some different change ups in the upcoming bullpens

There are advantages to throwing from different arm slots but you don’t want to become predictable, only throw the change up from side arm or 3/4. It is harder for the batter to pick up the ball when he doesn’t exactly know where the release is going to be.

And here’s where the crossfire enters the picture.
If you throw anything at all sidearm, you should consider it. The crossfire, which works only with the sidearm delivery, is a beautiful and lethal move that will work with any pitch. So you could certainly throw that circle change—sometimes as is, sometimes with the crossfire, and just watch the batters tear their hair out by the roots! I picked up that move when I was about thirteen—I was a natural sidearmer to begin with—and I fell so in love with it that I wound up using it most of the time, which fact was not lost on my pitching coach. One day he was helping me resolve a problem with My circle change, and he said to me, "I know you’re going to crossfire it. You use that move with everything you throw."
And here’s how it works. Say you’re a righthander. You go into the windup, or the stretch, whatever—but instead of delivering directly to the plate you take a step toward third base, whip around with your whole body, and fire the pitch in to the plate from that angle. To the batter it will look as if it’s coming at him from third base, and as he tries to get out of the way—or just freezes at the unexpectedness of the delivery—it’s in there for a strike! (If you’re a southpaw you go via first base.)
So go ahead, give it a go. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher: