Circle Change Up

My twelve year old son is learning to throw a circle change. He previously threw a palm ball as his change up. Anyhow, he is throwing it with the same mechanics as his fastball. (He throws both his two seam and four seam with backspin.) However, when the c-change gets to the plate is drops fairly rapidly. He is being taught to throw the “circle” at the batter as part of the delivery. My question is, is sinking common with the circle change or is my son doing something that is causing this. I know the drop is a good thing, just wondering if this is par for the course with this pitch. He certainly is excited about it.

My understanding (I am not an expert) is that downward break is part of the circle change-up. I’m only 14 & mine does the same thing - but I don’t pronate my hand too much. My pitching coach would rather the pitch have what he calls “depth” - downward movement - to the pitch as opposed to more horizontal movement and he says the more you pronate the more horizontal movement you get. I have talked to other people who have said the more you pronate your hand the lower the velocity of the ball - but I haven’t tried to mess with what seems to working according to my instructor.

But to answer your question my change up drops very near the plate.

A lot of it depends on arm angle and pronation and the timing of said pronation. I used to throw a circle change and it would have almost screwball type action. I’ve neglected the pitch until recently. Right now I only have sink with a little bit of run but I’m improving.

Like any pitch it will take practice to get the results you desire. Good luck with your son.

a c-change is supposed to sink. If it wasn’t and your son’s happen to then keep it no matter what SINK IS GOOD

He is throwing it right! A circle change should have sink to it. A straight change up would be more of a “slow fastball.” Tell him to keep doing what he’s doing because a good circle change is arguably the best secondary pitch in the game.

Mine does. Nothin better than have it start over the middle and be caight behind the batter.

yes, it is good to have a circle-change sink.

Thanks. We are working on it. He’s getting more and more accurate. Glad to know the drop is normal and expected. He’s needed an offspeed pitch and I’m glad he’s found one that he likes, is relatively easy to throw and easy on the arm.