Circle Change-up

I try to throw my circle change-up as loosely as possible, and try to put my third,fourth, and fifth fingers slightly below the seams. My thinking is that I won’t be able to get anything on the ball if I don’t have it gripped firmly or on the seams. It seems pretty effective. Anyway, should I continue like this or should I choke the ball? Also, what should I do to get more sink and two-seam movement?

keep doing what you’re doing since you feel like it’s effective and you have a good feel of the pitch. 90% of the change-up is in your mind. if you feel like the grip will make a difference by itself thats when you have a good one. to get more movement you could try to take your circle you’ve made and literally throw it at the catcher instead of leading with your palm you lead with the circle. this is how you will achieve the more movement. but just throwing it straight fastball-like is a deadly pitch too. remember that.

The change up grip actually should be quite firm. The ball should be held deep in the hand, which helps to reduce speed so you can throw it with fastball arm speed.

Another way to reduce speed? Turn the ball over as you release it. Movement should be in to a righty if you’re a RHP. In to a lefty if you’re a LHP.

Well I don’t grip it in my palm. This is a link to how I throw my change-up:

I don’t throw the circle change-up like this:

With the latter one he chokes the ball, with the previous one he doesn’t. I don’t choke the ball at all.

Bakersdozen, those are two different hand sizes. The first one is of a grown man and the second one is of a teenage boy. Of course the teenager is going to have to choke the ball in order to hold onto it.

You can choke it or not. Use what’s comfortable. As long as the ball is coming off the middle and ring finger, you’re good to go.

Circle Changeup is my favorite pitch :stuck_out_tongue:

I throw it sidearm however so I may not do it the same way. When I was learning to throw it I very much had to get over thinking about the grip, the way I’m holding it, or doing anything fancy with my delivery. In fact, I didn’t have much success with it until I realized just stuffing it in my hand and throwing it like a fastball was the best thing for it.

I tell you whats great, just warm up throwing it, tossing it just a couple feet away, when I was struggling with it I actually found I couldn’t even do that. It’d come out of my hand I’d throw it in the ground, etc… I was really bad to throw it ten feet over the catchers head and behind a right handed batter when I started learning to throw it. Part of my trouble I’m sure was that I don’t have large hands, I very much much put the ball back in my palm and grasp the free fingers all the way around most of the baseball. It has a really nice drop in it from a sidearm slot :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try choking the ball and tell you what I think. :smiley:

More than with any other pitch, with a changeup it’s all about results … bottom line is you have to throw it with fastball arm action , at a deceptive speed less than your fastball , AND be able to throw it for strikes in fastball hitting counts ( 0-0 , 2-0, 3-1 ) . Early on in my career I held it tight / choked it , but at the end my best changeup was held very loosely … and I turned it over at release . That was best with me but again, you have to experiment and see what works best for you .

I remember the time when I was working on it, and I was having some problems with it. I told my pitching coach about it, and he took one look at my grip and said that my hand wasn’t quite large enough to make a complete circle. He had me try a slightly different grip, a sort of half-circle (like an inverted “c”) and move my middle and fourth fingers much closer together the way I would have my index and middle fingers when I threw the slider. This alternate grip proved to be the solution to my problem.
He had me throw for several minutes, and then he said with a twinkle: “I know you’re going to crossfire it. You use that move with everything you throw.” This set us both to laughing; I was a sidearmer who used the crossfire extensively. Anyhow, I now had a nice circle change to add to my arsenal of snake jazz. 8)


Glad to see another proud sidewinder at LTP. My 14 yo son is a member of your club–he throws 4-seam and sinking FBs, a slider, and he uses a split-finger fastball for his change-up.

The circle-change really didn’t work for him but he has been able to develop pretty good control over the splitter.