Circle-Change and Knuckleball

Well, over the past few days I’ve been experimenting with a circle change and decided to spend more time on my knuckleball. Needless to say, Both just seemed to click recently.

My circle change has some nice tailing action, cutting in on same-side hitters. I have some sink too.

I decided to try a new grip on my knuckleball and I had immediate success. A little tweaking and I had a pitch that I could throw with consistency. The ball has very little to no spin. The movement I usually get is sink and an occasional wobble.

Now, I have a few questions:

For my change up, what can I do to get more movement? What can I do to stay consistent (just keep practicing?) and not hang it?

For the knuckleball, how can I stop lateral spin?

Well, I am experienced with the knuckler, not quite and expert or genius.
You might try going to
and click on the message board link, great k-ballers in there as well as the author of “The Knucklebook”, Dave Clark.

I might suggest keeping the ball closer to your palm to prevent any spin as it comes out. Maybe play some soft toss with someone or a pitchback and focus on trying to get the release down.

Keep your arm speed up and pronate a little bit more (within your comfort zone).

A tip I have read regarding the circle change is to pretend you are throwing with your thumb and index finger only and to keep those fingers behind the ball. That combined with the grip should already create the necessary pronation.

To stop side spin you have to stop twisting your wrist, unless it is to counter the spin, after you get more practice with the knuckleball and get a good feel of it, you can start purposely pronating or supinating to gain movement.

thats what i do with thwe forkball. it’s really about getting the ball to rotate slowly in different directions. i do that all the time with the forkball

To keep the thumb and index finger behind the ball you would have to supinate - not pronate.

Thanks for all the replies, fellas. I really appreciate the assistance.

For the circle change I feel that I overthink things and it gets with me. Keeping the arm speed and pronating at the right moment are two things that I will keep in mind when I throw next. Its simple things like that that I think will definitely help.

My knuckleball grip does need to be adjusted. I need to choke up on the ball a little more and I have to pay more attention to my wrist (need to keep it stiffer too).

To keep the thumb and index finger behind the ball you would have to supinate - not pronate.[/quote]

Let me re-word what I meant. If you keep the thumb and index finger behind the ball BEFORE release, your hand will naturally pronate THROUGH release. There should be pressure on the index and thumb in order for this to happen as well as lesser pressure with the middle, ring, and pinky. If there’s too much pressure on those 3 fingers, then pronation won’t happen.