Chuck Knoblauch Syndrome

Hey guys!

I have been playing baseball all my life and have always been very competitive. I was a 27th rd draft pick before getting injured and ending my career. Lately I think I am coming down with the Chuck Knoblaud Syndrome. I just can’t throw anymore. It feels like I have a numb arm. I know it’s all in my head, but its stressful and extremely embarassing. The only time I can throw hard is when I let you, say… playing the outfield, but when it comes down to playing simple catch, I lose it all. Any help is appreciated!

Stop right there, Head Case!
Answer me this: How do you know that your problem is not the result of your injury? That feeling of having a numb arm sounds like it, and before you start believing that you’re a victim of the same thing that hit Chuck Knoblauch (who, by the way, was a very fine second baseman before it happened) you should, if you haven’t already done so, make an appointment with a sports-medicine physician and maybe also a good neurologist and go see them both. Sometimes a so-called mental problem is connected in a very real way to a physical one, and if the latter can be remedied the former will resolve itself. So don’t wait. 8)

I am familiar with what your are going through (assuming it’s not physical). I know it as “Steve Blass disease”. Different era. Check out Read the Blog. I have e-mailed Dr. Crowley back and forth a few times ( I told him about you. (I have no financial connection to him) Don’t let this “thing” drive you out of baseball. Best of Luck.

I have a catcher on varsity going through this right now! He’s really struggling to hit the pitcher in the chest on throws back. Gotta find a way to clear the mechanism. Sometimes the competitive environment or stress related to tryouts, etc., plays a role. But the mental side must be addresses because clearly you’re physically capable of making the throw … you’ve done it 10,000s of times!! Check out the book Head Games or The Mental Game of Baseball - both of which I’ve found helpful. LEt us know how it goes for you…

I just read Mentalball by Dr. Crowley. I learned a lot about what I am going through. I truely realized how much of a head case I was out there, and it was a time bomb for awhile until I finally destructed. I have increase on my confidence and mental toughness. I’m still working day by day to fix my problem. Since I coach and instruct I am constantly throwing bp and finally dont tense up as much. I feel more calm, relaxed, and getting to the point where I feel myself again. I know its there since Ive done this for so long.

I do recommend reading this book for many who are suffering!

There was a section in the book that mentioned how many people are scared or embarrassed to come out with this problem, but it has helped me get to where I am and will continue to improve.

I’m really glad the book is helping. If it lingers I would recommend contacting the Doctor. It’s what he does. Like I said don’t let this thing drive you out of the game. I played with a catcher in H.S. who used to have to walk half way to the mound to flip the ball back to the pitcher. Coaches getting frustrated with him etc. Always felt bad for him. I changed schools so don’t know whether he got over it or just gave up. Keep up with the updates.

I talked with him, seems like a really nice guy. I just don’t think many people have $400 pocket change.

I guess it’s a matter of perspective. What’s it worth to be able to have fun playing catch again? 400 bucks is not pocket change but it is an amount you could save up for. Again, I have no financial connection to Dr. Crowley. We’ve just exchanged some e-mails. But if your joy of playing baseball is being destroyed, 400 bucks seems like a bargain. Like anything else you spend money on, Do the research, weigh the risks and rewards. It is my impression that his book is not a “cure”. (I’m getting it, haven’t read it yet) It’s just supposed to show people they are not alone and this “steve Blass” syndrome can be cured. Just helping Steve Blass get back on a mound and throwing strikes again is worth reading about. Regardless, I hope “headcase” is on the road to fixing this.

I hope headcase can fix this too and I do agree, the Dr is a very nice guy. Broke college students are rarely able to afford him however, but I still would encourage anybody to go talk to him.

I have a catcher who just started experiencing this and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything to this degree. He literally started throwing yesterday one throw where it sailed wide right. From the catchers point of view, if you throw to the pitcher, it comes straight off towards right field. If he tries to correct it, he throws 4 feet into the dirt. He was super pissed. I got Dr. Crowley’s book in the mail today, and I am going to give it to him to read.

Dr. Tom Hanson has some products for that,

Let me please start off by apologizing for bumping a thread this old. something else that will make your hands numb is any kind of neck or back injury. Also, one I have personally experienced, the antidepressant known as Celexa. Which also causes weight gain