Christy Mathewson Footage

In reading the book “The Player” (author Philip Seib) about Christy Mathewson, there is a reference to a 1907 short film titled “Christy Mathewson and the New York National League Team” containing the best footage (3 pitches worth) available of Mathewson. Can anyone direct me to a source? Is it part of another collection/video? thanks!

Richard K.

Wow! Amazing! Thanks!! How did you know about this or find so fast?!? Apparently there’s another 2 min or so to the clip?

Thanks, Richard K.

I forgot to mention that it would be nice to see the 3 different pitches referenced in the film but even seeing this one is great! Who is the guy jumping up for the ball on 1B??

nah that’s a warm up pitch on the 3 base side so the guy is actually the 3-base man.

if it’s the real 3b man and not some guys fooling around in practice, it might me art devlin who was playing that position for the new york giants at that time.

Any idea where this clip was filmed? Doesn’t look like the Polo Grounds (III)…

how hard do you think he and other pitchers at that time could throw?

just like people today

Well 4pie I have to tip my hat, thats some hefty quick research, had you been aware of this video and site prior or did you just google it on down?

wasn’t hard to find at all i just googled the hell out of it.

Well done anyway!