Chris Oleary

What do you guys think of Chris OLeary and his website?

one of the best

Kelv and Chris you’re gonna hear it from the admins.

OK. Here it is from one admin. There are simply enough threads, on enough boards, about people who don’t agree with Chris. We don’t need yet another. This thread is only going to lead to more bashing. I suggest that we don’t fall into this trap again. This forum is for helping people improve and to discuss pitching strategies, mechanics, training, etc. Rather than asking what we think of Chris, your question could be about specific teachings of his and we can talk. I just don’t like where this will eventually go.

Let’s keep things productive and about concepts, not specific people. Maybe the question just needs to be revised.

Didn’t know he has a website … what’s his area of expertise ?

All you’ll hear from me is this…If it weren’t for this site and the fairness that folks like Steven and Roger and DM and Coach have built into it…Chris would long ago been relagated to his own site and not had the platform we give. He’s been kicked off of other sites and excoriated to the point that he doesn’t participate on others…is he challenged here? You bet, Paul Nyman gets challenged here, Tom House also does and so does Dick Mills…the others really haven’t been included because well not alot of posters have brought up the Wolforths or Bagnozis. Do I think Chris rises to the level of those? Well I think I’ve been plain enough in my many other posts on the subject…I am convinced he’d like to help…I don’t agree with absolute statements… So whatever…We don’t push folks at him, we don’t pull folks away…hopefully intelligent people will discuss in a respectful manner the merits and pitfalls of everyones ideas. One thing that won’t happen is he won’t get a free pass…nor will he be silenced unless it’s by logic (IMO in his case that doesn’t work much either :wink: ). I think that our art affords much learning…learning that doesn’t stop until ones breath ceases…I’ve cautioned him about humility…I know I don’t know it all, I know that major league pitching coaches I have met don’t think they know it all…humility is key to many aspects of life…my hopes are that at some point that comes into the things I see from him, I think his very obvious lack of experience causes his fearless prognostications as to “cause of injury”, experienced people in our art are as a general rule much more circumspect in regards to things they don’t know everything about…even the ortho-pod whose letter he tautes like it’s some validation isn’t certain in his statements…he simply says he is also concerned about arm injury and thinks some of Chris’ ideas may be on track…hardly overwhelming…there are a disturbing amount of kids that follow without question…this bothers deeply most of the folks whom I’ve discussed him with…

And I agree with DM…I wish I’d have waited…his is the better response.

I was wondering on his talk about mechanics like avoiding the inverted L and the Inverted W and the inverted V.

Could someone enlighten me on who this chris person is and why he doesnt seem very favored on this website according to the previous posters?

All I can say is:

Pitching Mechanics/Analysis -> My Mechanics (lots of pictures)

He’s a pitching “guru” who’s logic (or lack thereof) and technique are not held well in the baseball community. 'Course I haven’t been here too long so I don’t have the best feel towards this matter, but I know who he is. Check out Southern Smoke’s thread. That’ll explain a lot.

Here’s my opinion:
I’ve stated before that Chris’s ideas are worth all of our consideration due to their nature and the ramifications if they prove to be true. However, to the best of my knowledge, all Chris has to back those theories is a trend that he claims to have recognized. Unfortunately, that trend could be just a sequence of coincidences. Chris used to use Mark Prior as his poster boy even though there were well-publicised, much more likely causes for his injuries. I think that actually hurt Chris’s credibility with many folks.

As the other admins have stated, everyone is welcome to post their ideas and to discuss the merits of them. But it must not become personal. Noone should feel discouraged from posting on this site.

Guys if you want you can search the forum and find all you ever wanted to know about O’leary and his ideas. You will also find plenty about why some people disagree with him on this website. We don’t need another thread about this. Use the search function.

Woot Woot! My post is racking up some views.