Choosing 4 SEAM grip


I’m curious as to thoughts on the correct or more beneficial grip for the 4 seam fastball. I see some grip it with the “horseshoe” on the middle finger, and some grip with the horseshoe on the index/pointer finger. Thoughts on the best way to grip it, and why? I’m wondering if whatever side you have the horseshoe sit if you will get more run that side, OR will one way provide more velocity.


It’s a matter of preference, whichever is comfortable for the individual pitcher. Reading this, I was reminded of one batter—it may have been Yogi Berra, or it may have been some other guy of that ilk,who was once asked which he preferred when he batted, the side with the logo or the other side. His reply: “When I go to bat,I go to hit, not to read.” So-o-o—whichever grip gets you the results you want,use it, and don’t worry about it.


Horseshoe into the middle finger or away from the middle finger doesn’t matter. Here are some other ways to grip the four seamer that you might find helpful: