Choaking the Ball?

Does it look like I have the to much of the ball in my hand? Should i let the ball on my finger tips more? That is my fastball grip.

ur fastball looks almost the exact same as mine except i dont have as much of my thumb touching the ball

that looks alright, but you could have it a little more in your finger tips. My coach told me that if someone should be able to just tuch the ball and it should go out of your hand.

I would rotate that 90 degrees to get my middle finger on the part of the seam that is higher (the logo would be shown vertical). But that’s just more comfortable to me. It’s all preference.

Yes, I agree with Seff, I used to throw it that way as well, but I switched grips 45 degrees the other direction and it made a lot of difference, the ball comes out of your hand a bit easier.

Does it have a difference in velocity?

I found I threw it a little easier (Maybe a difference in velocity) but more importantly because it was coming off my hand easier I found it easier to control.

I’ll have to try that. I hold it the way the original poster does.