Chien-Ming Wang sinker

Does anyone know how Chien-Ming Wang throws his sinker. I suppose a 2 seam grip with no laces, but any more info such as pressure points would be helpful to. thanks

im not sure anyone has sat down with chien ming wang and asked how he throws his sinker in depth…

atleast not on the record

i wish there was some article on this because that thing is nasty

in SI it talked about his sinker. I says he just grips a normal 2-seamer and squeezes tighter with his pointer finger.

Ya thats what i saw and what got me started it doesnt go into much depth though…

and on sundays yankees game, david cone was talking about how his index finger pressure is so intense it rips the nail off of his finger when he throws it hard enough.

Wow, All i can say is Wow

I saw that too. And they showed that he wore a fake nail on his index finger because of it.