Chicken Burger

Last summer, I figured since I like hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, I would cook a chicken breast and burger and put them on the same sandwich!

The chicken/hamburger flavors don’t mix nicely…

I gave the burger half to my roommate haha. :roll:

Do any of you like to cook meat and make sandwiches of it or anything? Have you tried any wild combinations?

I cook my chicken breasts slowly with paprika and tony’s seasoning.

Chukar sandwiches are goooood. So’s pheasant.


If you like birds, try duck.

Its a partridge.

Roast beef, turkey, provolone and then put it all on wheat bread, yummy!

Peanut Butter on a soft taco shell heated up in the microwave for 15 seconds tastes surprisingly good

You’re weird. I’ll try it someday.

I thought it was pretty weird when a friend of mine told me about it too.

Spicy Chicken with ketchup and pickle with bacon bits and ham. YUMMMMMMMMM :onfire: :chef: :onfire: :chef: :onfire: :chef: :onfire:

Fresh hamburger plus some warchestershire sauce and some season salts.
Then when you patty the burgers, in the meat, put a slice of colbyjack cheese. (inside the burger patty).

So good.