Will working my chest at all help with pitching? I never work it that often because i dont see it helping with my pitching so im usually just working legs, abs, forearms, ect… But do you think that if i start doinng more chest workouts it might help witgh my velocity?

Being a strong balanced human being will help pitching. You don’t want to neglect any part of your body.

Ever see Mariano Rivera pitch? I have watched him countless times, and what really strikes me is his perfect balance, the way he stays upright as he goes into the stretch and then delivers the pitch, with his whole body—legs, hips, torso in one continuous (and seamless) motion and his flawless follow-through, the way he completes his pitches. The chest in itself has little if anything to do with it, but as part of the upper body—an integral part, if you watch him closely—it works just fine. It’s all one, and when you put that together with his devastating cut fastball—it’s just beautiful. One could do a lot worse than emulating his motion.
No wonder they say about him, “You know it’s coming, you know he’s going to throw it—and you can’t hit it.” :slight_smile: 8)