Chest thrust out

Do you want to thrust your chest out at landing?

Please help me on this one DM, Roger or Steven ellis or anyone that can tell me if it’s ok to thrust the chest out.

Yup. Check out Roger Clemens.

Steven so you want to physically force the chest out at landing when you are about to rotate?

At landing when you pitched did you try to thrust the chest out?

Your chest will “get thrust out” as long as you generate the momentum. Your finish will be explosive, again as long as momentum is generated. You don’t need to think about this while your pitching, it’ll happen.

if you look at slow motion vidoe of the great ones, they all get that chest way out there and then release the ball way out in front of their head. greg maddux drug away from the rubber 3 to 4 feet BEFORE he released the ball. as they release the ball the back rolls forward to transfer as much force to the ball as possible.

hitters on hitting and perfect games, no hitters and near misses are good sources of slow motion video clips of some of the best.

I believe the thrust out chest is a byproduct of other aspects of the delivery (e.g. scap loading, etc.) and shouldn’t itself be forced. Do the other things properly and it will happen on its own.

just looked at the video clips on this site. they are good examples. look at nolan ryan and sandy koufax for some good examples.