Checkpoints, back to basics

Alright well, I just put in possibly the worst appearance of my life.
1/3 inning, 4 walks, with a late inning lead, loosing it for the team.

Anyhow I began the season extremely hot, not letting anyone past second base for over nine innings.

My last 2 outtings have been just awful, I try to make adjustments and I cannot get comfortable.
I feel like I’m working to fast, and just cannot get relaxed.

I just video’d myself trying to relieve the frustration, the tape seems almost identical to tape at the beginning of the season.

I usually go well over a dozen innings before I walk 4 people, and I’ve put 7 guys on base in my last 2 innings.

What checkpoints can I go through mentally and physically to get me back, relaxed and consistent.

I’ve put so much work, and it’s frustrating to let down a team.

Also, I’ve recently began playing shortstop, and had previously been playing mostly outfield. Could this have anything to do with it?