Check this out I hope this page I created will help anyone curious about how to throw a certain pitch will help them. I have updated it recently today and I added a couple of pitches. I hope to add more here in the near future. I will be working on the page a little every day so you can only expect it to get better over time. I would like for you to either post your thoughts,comments,or suggestions here or E-mail me at Thanks, Keenan

good stuff man, i have been thinking of doing something like this except with more of a hitting fielding and some pitching, stuff like that, u interested in helping a little, or anyone?

Yes, I would love to help anyone with anything. Actually the bal in those shots was my first homerun in highschool last year :). I am very happy to hear about your sucess with baseball. If you need anything let me know. Thanks for your feed back. If you want to create a page tyoe in “easy designer” in your browser. I am practing ball about 2-3 times a week after school untill spring and inbetween I’ll be adding things to this page. I might add a couple more pages and link them together on hitting and fielding ect. Glad to hear from you. E-Mail me at for anything. I would love to answer Q’s or anything. As a matter of fact you might be able to help me with a few Questions I have sometime. Well, later.

The site has been updated. I have added more pitch grips an a couple of videos. I will have probably 4-5 more videos by this Sunday. Any suggestions, just visit the site and drop me a E-mail with any comments you have. I would love to help or upload something you would like to see. Thanks Keenan. :slight_smile:

Pretty cool site guy. Thanks.

No problem. And thank you. Make sure you check back and as I will be updating it throughout this next couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions E-mail me and I will incorporate your ideas into the site. I enjoy and welcome criticism, so I like feedback positive or negative. Thanks for visiting, please come back. :lol: I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: