Check this out

I found this web page off of the medical clinic I’m going to because of a shoulder injury. Some of this stuff is pretty basic but there is a butt load of information and some of it is pitching specific.

This is a very good web site with good information.

For those of you that look at the programs here, remember that these programs are to be used under the guidance of trained professionals such as Physicians, Physical Therapists or Certified Athletic Trainers. Trying to do these unsupervised could cause harm.

100% solid advice.

I worked with a rehab team that evaluated and brought pitchers and other players back into form and we all had very specific roles with definite limits. Under no circumstances did any team member cross the line into another professional’s role or expertise - regardless how familiar we were with that other professional’s role.

So, if men involved in this work as a profession don’t take chances, no one else should either.

Expertise comes at a very high price - time wise and with maturing skills.

Coach B.