Check this out.

Steve posted this on facebook.

Did you know? Your wrist contributes ~21% to the speed/velocity of a pitched baseball.

And if this has been proven scientifically how do you train your wrist?

I don’t know, I didn’t read the article Steve gave me the link to.

If anything, I’d try to stretch my wrist a lot.

Seems a little high %, but maybe not. Interesting topic to get some discussion around…

I like that article a-lot. It makes a lot of sense to me.

I squeeze a 1lb ball that is filled with sand and covered with rubber. I flick it up n down, toss it in the air. I really helps with gripping the ball and strengthening my fingers and forearm.

interesting…I know that a strong and flexible wrist creates spin allowing for a good curve/slider/breaking pitch…this article seems to suggest a quality breaking pitch correlates to a quality (as in mid 80s to low 90s fastball)…is a good breaking ball a sign one will throw harder? what do you think?


I’d be curious to know what evidence there is behind that statement. Here’s a quote from Dick Mills/Brent Rushall’s book “The Science and Art of Baseball Pitching” which cites references to some studies by others that tend to be contrary to what the writer of the above quote claims.