Cheating myself

The season has started here in Germany and I’ve got one (mediocre)
game under my belt (Loss).

This is subjective, but I feel that I’m not getting the same velocity
from the mound that I do in practice when throwing long toss, or
from Short (my 2nd position).

My self-coaching suggests that I’m not getting my pitching arm back
far enough (not 180 degrees to the plate). 2nd, I think that I’m
opening the hips before landing. Any ideas, drills? Does this
sound plausible?


Sounds plausible. But there are a number of possible causes. I’d look at posture and at what the glove side does.

Why don’t you post some video in the mechanics section?

well, at times if you go out tense it can alter the extension you get with your arm, and tire you out faster. It is difficult to relax on the mound, sometimes a deep breath and shaking out your arm can help, other times you mentally have to separate from your emotions and pitch like its a practice. Its definitely not easy, and if you are noticing you don’t have the extension you normally would it can alter your landing as well. Point your toe to 3b dugout and keep it pointed that way until the last second, then point it home. I actually tell my kids to land on the tip of their toe and drop the heel much like Epstein coaches hitters to do. It really does work for them