Did you or your club ever cheat? Maybe just a bit … here and there?

Did you ever get tag’d out, but said no?

Miss a catch … but said yes?

Have your foot near a bag during a play, not really touching it, but claimed you did?

Ever fake getting hit by a pitch?

Ever take off early on a fly ball caught - and got away with it?

Ever bring to the park an illegal bat -and use it?

Ever get pine-tar above the legal length on the bat?

… just wondering??? :greenwink:

Coach B.

Yes. We’d round off second base on our way to third when there was only a 1-man umpire crew.

We’d scuff up balls, bite seams to raise them and all sorts of stuff … lol!

My favorite…hit a squib off the end of the bat and hobble around like it hit your foot!!!

I think you take advantage of what you can get away with, Jeter the other night got 1st after being, “hit by a pitch” on the arm, it actually go the knob.

I once hit a baseball and started to run and it came back up to hit me in the chest. The umpire did not call anything and I ended up safe at first. Also earlier that game I fouled one off my foot and he called it, so i know that he was paying attention.

I was watching “Wild Thing” Mitch Williams show how his skuffed fb and spitball moved…on the MLB channel…couldn’t help thinking about Sosa, McGuire and The Rocket…Talk about a stupid ironey of life…cheat like someone like Gaylord Perry and go to the hall…cheat like the Rocket and get indicted…it’s sure a topsy-turvy world…I remember a movie made back in the 30’s about a professor who developed a “hair-tonic” that averted the ball from wood (As in a bat)…and MLB thought itself so pure that it wouldn’t allow the makers of the movie to represent it as “Major League Baseball”, I think they called it the Federal League or something.
“If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin” is a very common cliche in our sport…apparently you have to understand the “proper” way to cheat to cheat in our sport. :?


You may be thinking of “It Happens Every Spring”, starring Ray Milland as a chemistry professor who accidentally invents a formula that makes baseballs avoid wood…(of course, these days his discovery would have remained obscure since colleges don’t use wood bats…).

Anyway, the good prof takes his invention on the road under an assumed name–“King Kelly”–to help St Louis win it all!

Look for an appearance by Alan Hale (the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island) as a college ballplayer who is failing his chemistry class. He helps the professor to test out the new invention in exchange for private tutoring…NCAA would be all over that one.

Ah indeed it was La…The pure and pristine Major League Baseball, would not stand to have it’s name and reputation sullied by even the suggestion that someone would be soooooooooo crass as to (gasp) cheat in such a way…great sentiment but to say “somewhat disengenuous” would be like saying we had a slight air-emergency on 9/11. :roll:

The guy who played Uncle Charlie on “My Three Sons” was Millands catcher too for a 15 point trivia coup!

I loved the high tech special effects in that movie…where they cartooned over the film to show the ‘super-hop’ on his fastball…aw’right, now, professor, let’s give it the ol’ methyl, ethyl, propyl…

Also well worth ogling…the professor’s love-interest, Jean Peters…hey, now!

I’m thinkin there may in fact be way too much “Wholesomeness” for modern youth to take on in a single sitting…but with proper preparation :reallyconfused: …We are talkin Coach B. and Zita kinda of innocent decency here :smiley: we may, in fact, need safety equipment and supervision

And sometimes the whole thing will backfire.
In the first couple of decades of the 20th century there was a pitcher named Russ Ford (no relation to Whitey) who came up with something he called an “emery ball”. He kept a piece of sandpaper or an emery board, something of that sort, in his back pocket, and he would use it to create a rough spot on the ball, and he was very successful with it…until his catcher was traded to another team. That catcher blew the whistle.
The pitch was declared illegal.
As for Whitey Ford—I think just about everybody knows that he was one of the greatest spitball pitchers in the history of the game, when the need arose. And did you know that Ed Lopat, even though he never used it, knew about the spitter, and when he was first pitching coach and then manager of the old Kansas City Athletics he taught his whole staff how to throw it? (Not that it helped much, because the team was mired in ninth place and no matter what Lopat did he could not pull them out of that spot; they just plain stank on hot ice!)
A number of umpires have said, why not just legalize that pitch? :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Personally I like the ole’ lick the hand and fake the wipe off. Or when I’ve let my hair grow out, act like I’m moving hair out of my eyes but get sweat off of my forehead.

Oh yeah, there’s tons of it. We rounded off second with one-man umpiring crews like Steven said, and we loved throwing to first base in the dirt to “check the runner.” When the ball got there, the first baseman would nick it up a bunch in the dirt. Or you have the catcher cut the ball on his shin guard clasps.

A guy in HS put chap stick and later Vaseline on his hat when he went out there to throw!

But jdfromfla is absolutely right:

It’s a silly world. Couldn’t agree more.

this was in little league so no leading off. but you can steal wants it passes the plate. i took off way way early a lot of times and sometimes wasnt even touching the bag.

pretty much it. except on hot days i do what pustulio did. get sweat off my forehead

We had a play in high school…probably can’t get away with this now…where a kid on our bench would hit two alumninum bats together when an opposing kid broke for second on a steal. The other kids on the bench would yell “I’ve got it”. We saved it for special occassions :lol:

Had similar things happen to me when I was umpiring, I always warned the bench the first time I heard those things.

I dont really consider this cheating but on a 3-0 or 3-1 count if I dont swing at a pitch i walk to first base before the umpire makes his call. Its worked a few times.

You know, umpires love to call guys back to the box when they start to head to 1st. They find it funny.

ABSOLUTELY… you aint tryin if you aint cheatin, and you aint cheatin unless you get caught! but i think we can all agree that roids is not the type of cheating were talking about