Cheap Catcher's Mitts

Hey guys, does anyone know of a good (but cheap :wink: ) catcher’s mitt? I don’t need this for a game so I am not looking for top of the line stuff. But it will be attempting to catch 80+.

I just want to buy an affordable one so I can give it some occasional use (for me and other people). I also don’t know anything about catcher’s mitts, so I don’t know if one brand is more reliable than another (or if it even matters considering the small usage it will see).

Thanks for all the help.

Check out eBay for used gloves.

Also hit up any good will or thrift stores you might be able to pick up a decent one there.

It all depends on what your definition of cheap is. Sometimes you can get an older model from Rawling’s or Easton off their site cheap too

Here’s a pretty good one, by Rawlings. For the money it has flexibility and it’s durable. the mitt has plenty of laces and the lacing pattern is logical to follow if you have to replace a pattern. Not many mitts have that dual quality at that price - $65 - $85. At season’s end, in some small sporting goods store, you might find a good sale.

The side laces are large enough where you can open the mitt and add padding to it - I have several of these Rawlings that I used in coaching pitchers. If yo’u’re going to add padding, just remember the lacing pattern to put it back together.

What’s nice about this mitt’s design is it’s user friendly, tough, and they can hold the ball well. This design also acts well when giving signals as the mitt can hide the signal from 3rd base line - coach and base runner, when held properly.

With resonable care this mitt will last you for years to come.

Coach B.

You can get just about any catchers mitt as long as you form the pocket well it will last for a while. As a collegiate catcher i recommend a 34inch web pattern if possible, every 34inch mitt i’ve gotten has lasted to the point that it got far to floppy to catch high velocity guys. All my smaller gloves (33inch and 32inch) required far more forming to get to that ideal pocket and if anyone else used it they would just abuse my web. The trick is to form it so the ball doesnt get caught up in the web. You wanna catch it so that you can get your thumb up underneath it so initial contact is just below the web (if you were to hold the glove vertically web up, just a point of reference…). If you do that and keep her clean and safe she’ll last for a long time

Cambam made an outstanding post here for any player who is considering the backstop’s position.

His post directed attention on where to catch the ball with the mitt - in the pocket section - NOT THE WEB SECTION.

I know some backstops have mitts that are reinforced in the web section with heavy duty materials, and if watched closely, the pitch does get caught there.

But, those custom mitts are very expensive to make - hand made, and the ability to pick the ball out of those mitts, get into a good throwing posture when needed, can be a challenge to some.

Excellent point on mitt discipline(s). I should have picked that up myself.

Coach B.