Chauncey's Fall Practice Log

Well, this year I figured I would keep a log of my progress during the fall. First of all, for those who don’t know (probably most of you) I play college ball at Newberry College (DII). I’m a sophomore this year and I’m competing for a job in the weekend rotation. So far this fall we’ve been mainly conditioning during the mornings at 5:00 am and 6 on 1’s during the afternoons.

As of today during my 6 on 1 group, we threw our first bullpens of the fall. We’re starting a bit earlier this year becuase we are playing exhibition games against Juco schools; so we’re trying to game ready for our first game in two weeks. Anyways, our pitching coach uses these first bullpens as not only a tune-up, but he uses the bullpens to see what everyone has done over the summer. I worked very hard this summer so I was eager to show my improvements. As we started to crank up and get into our bullpens we always start out throwing 10 fastballs, 5 to each side of the plate. Then today it was 5 change-ups and 5 breaking balls, then end on 5 of what ever you wanted with the last pitch being a fastball.

Our pitching coach has other pitchers charting our bullpens, keeping track of missed spots and velocities. Our coach wanted us to have an accuracy rating of 60% or higher for the first bullpen of the fall. Last year during our first pen I wanted to impress the coaches and throw gas and I wound up having an accuracy rating of 45%… So this year I was focused on just pounding the mitt and throwing hard strikes. Today my two-seamer had really good action and my curveball was very sharp. The Change-up has definately made improvements from last year as well. I chucked a few sliders in there as well but this pitch is still devloping; it had tight spin but not quite the break I’m looking for.

At the end of the pen my pitching coach, told me I looked very good and he could tell that I’m in better shape and that I refined my mechanics over the summer. When I walked down to one of the other pitchers who was keeping my chart he told me I had an accuracy rating of 75% and had an average fastball velocity of 86, touching 88 three times. My curveball was around 72-74 and the change was 76-79. A huge improvement from last year.

Overall, I was very happy with today’s session. I had good velocity and very good command of all my pitches. Tomorrow we’re off but we have early moring workouts, and light tossing on our own. We have exactly 8 more days till our first fall exhibtion game and 5 more days till the offical start of fall practice. I’m pumped!!! :smiley:

Well yesterday we had our first full-squad intrasquad scrimmage. Each pitcher threw an inning or was limited to a 30 pitch-count, which ever came first. Since our entire roster consists of almost 60 guys, we split the roster up into four teams. My team was playin the first game which was at 9:00am, so that ment I had to be up around 7:00am on a saturday… :? At least it was for a game and not conditioning so that made it a little more tolerable.

My team had 5 pitchers on the staff, all of us were returners except for two so we knew what to expect for the first day. I was the third pitcher to throw in the game and I had to face what I think will be the top of our line-up this year. When it came time for me to pitch I had a relatively quick and easy inning. I only threw about 9 pitches and retired the side in order. My line of work was 1IP 0H 0BB 0ER 1K. I did make one mistake which resulted in a 400ft fly-ball out to dead center.

I was facing our returning 1st baseman who is a lefty, and I know he has problems hitting the inside fastball. So I wanted to bust him in hard then go soft away. Well on the first pitch I throw a riding two-seamer in to him which missed for a ball. Same thing happened on the next pitch; on the third pitch I tried to catch him off guard and sneak a 2-0 curveball in there, and lets just say it wound up being a 70 mph spinner belt high…

If our field wasn’t like the polo grounds this ball was gone anywhere else. Our centerfielder caught the ball with his back against the wall. Other than that it was a productive day and it turned out to be beautiful weather so it was a great day to be at the field.