Chat room question

You guys still want the Chat room feature? I’m debating whether to renew it, since no one really uses it anymore. What do you think?? We’ve had it since 2007 or so, and we used to hold regular chats … but it’s been over a year since we’ve held one and even when we did, only 15-20 people actually attended the chat session.

Let me know!

just wondering.
Does it cost money to have the feature?

I would use it if more people would pop in there when I PM them or just pop in there period, I enjoy the feature, if more people would be willing to chat when they are on I’d love it, it’s been tough for me to get on a ton lately though with our recent change to two a day practices.

I’ve really enjoyed the group chats we’ve had but the functionality is tough when you have several conversations going at once. I’m for it but would love to see the multi-window possiblity as I think we could really exploit it to our benefit.

[quote=“Power Pitcher11”]just wondering.
Does it cost money to have the feature?[/quote]

Yes, I have to purchase a license annually.

I was never able to find some of the features that JD brings up, although I totally agree those would make the user experience much, much better.

I’d like to hear more from people, but will have to make a decision in the next week… Thanks for your comments!

i like it, but no one ever goes on it

maybe make it like facebook how when u sign on onto the page u sign onto chat?

This would be really cool.

facebook chat is integrated into the facebook website. The chat for this website is a service from some other company.

Mr. Ellis, you could probably add an IRC chat pretty easily and it would be free.

If you guys haven’t already, check out…its basically a Facebook for baseball players and fans. It has a facebook-like chat feature too. Steven runs that site as well.