Chasing the Dream

Real quick update for everyone/anyone that reads this. Things are still going as well as they possibly could. I had one rough outing but several other good appearances. I gave up my first base hit the other night but I have yet to give up an earned run. We just swept a series tonight to help keep us in the wild card race. Right now we’re 3.5 back and its tough because everynight that we win, it seems like the teams that we are chasing win.

Well I need to pack here real quick. We have a 12 hour bus trip to Washington, PA that leaves here at 1 AM. As soon as we get there we are pretty much going to have to suit up and head out to the field for BP, so tomorrow could be a rough day. I’ll try to post a little more in depth over the next couple of days as it is easier for me to do so on the road because all we do is sit around the hotel for most of the day. Thanks for all of the well wishes from everyone and I hope everyone else’s seasons are finshing up well for them.

I’m still reading! You’re experiencing something very few get to experience. I think it’s great you’re sharing your experiences and giving us some insight into how things work on the road to the show. I hope you’ll keep posting. Thanks!

congradulations man and good luck with the wild card race.