Charting Pitchers

Since I’ve been out of the HS game for a few years now, I haven’t charted pitchers in awhile. However, I’m pitching again in an amateur league and I’m starting to take it fairly seriously (though still fun since I’m a never-was 28 year old, for god’s sake).

I want some teammates to chart me and use my JUGS gun. Got any good suggestions on pitching charts to use and methods on how to use them? I start on Sunday, so I’d love to have it by then. Thanks!

You can make your own custom chart with excel in about 10 mins. You can also add formulas to the boxes to keep stats like pitch sequences, first pitch strikes, pitch counts, balls put in play, swinging and looking strikes, and chart locations.
Basically pitch number 1-15 in the top row. Next row pitch type 1 fastball 2 curve, etc… Next row pitch result like t for take s for swing i for in play f for foul etc. To the right you can make a box 5 cells by 5 cells with the inner 3x3 representing the strike zone. You can write the pitch number in the correct location on the 5x5 grid.

Copy this format for each batter faced. You should be able to fit nine on a single page.

If you need more guidance post here.


Send me a PM I’ve got 3 charts you’ll probably find useful that I can email to you.

Ones simple location the other is tendencies and I can’t remember the third off the top of my head.


What is your purpose in charting the pitches? Do you have something specific in mind, or are you just looking for general information?

One thing I’d say to do for sure, is come up with some way to communicate the pitch you threw and the desired location. Then let your “charter” mark those things plus the location he “perceived” the ball to have been thrown.