Coach B.

The values you show when no one is watching.

Yes…character is the values one shows when nobody is watching. And that reminded me of a story that illustrates character in an umpire—a sense of fair play.
A movie was being shot, sometime back in the day, and there was a scene that was to take place in a baseball stadium. They wanted a real umpire to take part in that scene, and so they got a real umpire—I believe it was Bill Klem—to work the plate. He set up behind the plate, and the pitcher wound up and threw. The umpire bellowed, “Strike one”.
The director yelled “Cut”, and he went up to the umpire and said to him, “Sir, you’re not following the script. That was supposed to be a ball.” Klem roared back at him, “Tell the pitcher to follow the script! I call them as I see them, and that first pitch was a strike.” :homeplate:

That’s great!

An uncorruptable umpire.