Changing Things Up: Momentum and Leg Kick

Well I am in a pretty safe position to change my mechanics, I won’t pitch too much this year hopefully, I really don’t think I’m ready but if I work on velocity and control next year will be a lot better.

The problem addressed in my previous post that I don’t want to bring back becuase this is a whole different topic, was that I thought personally I needed to work on my momentum towards the plate. Roger also commented on puling my chest towards the glove but I don’t think that will be too hard to fix. Here is what I think could really help me to gain some velocity and better my mechanics.

Mentally I’m having trouble letting my body fall towards the plate while I lift my leg. I know my legs are strong enough to handle some of the force they will recieve when I fall foward faster. When I pitch, I feel that I am getting some good momentum towards home plate becuase I feel myself pushing off while I’m in the air and gaining that momentum to aid in my throwing power. The problem is that even though I’m getting good momentum in the long run, that is exately the problem, it takes a long time. I’m almost doing a 2 step kick and drive. Instead of falling towards the plate when I start my leg lift and driving with the force of my body and the force of my leg, I’m almost going up and halfway down then driving instead of starting my drive towards the plate earlier.

This is the real question to if this will help solve some of my problems. What I plan on doing is to shorten up my leg kick’s height. Instead of going all the way up, I am going to start it at that same point where I normally bring it down, the same exact spot where I start my hip drive. This way I can’t waste any of that time with the leg kick going up higher. So instead of raising the kick high, then lowering it halfway then starting my momentum, I will bring it up only to where I start my momentum with the higher kick, start falling then and then throw the pitch. I think this should help solve some of my timing issues. I also don’t expect this to be a permanent change. I will start with a smaller leg kick, maby almost a slide-step. This way I can focus on the momentum then gradually add in my normal leg kick but hopefully then I will have trained my body to start the momentum at the begining of the knee raise because that is what i forced myself to do when I use the lower knee raise.

I’m hoping that made sense and if someone can tell me if this is going to mess me up. I know the issues with the slidestep but this won’t be permanent and not quite a slidestep either. Maby Roger if you read this I’m sure you can give me the proper answer. Anyone else too.

Here is the link for the video if anyone hasn’t seen it,

That’s an interesting plan and it’s clear you’ve given it a lot of thought. But, rather than changing your knee lift temporarily and then having to reincorporate it later on, I would recommend maintaining your current knee lift and just make a series of small adjustments instead of one big adjustment. In fact, the weight of the front leg moving from a high knee lift out to foot plant a bit faster contributes to your momentum.

Your right Roger and I wouldn’t have done that anyways since todays practice. We were doing some stuff outside like grounders and flyballs and he was moving me all over the place so after that when we were heading back in the gym I quickely asked him where he thought I would be playing becuase I didn’t have a clue. He said, “well from what I put down on paper you’ll be left field or second base.” Then he quickely corrected himself and said oh yeah and pitching. Then I watied a few seconds and asked him how serious it was for me pitching and he said I was pitching for sure or something a long those lines. So on what he said I don’t think I will make any serious changes. I threw today and did pretty good but then I let a forkball really get away from me and when I mean really I mean it lol. But the balls we were using in the gym were really softening up so I think that affected me. Also I will be trying to alter my grip so I use the seams more instead of using mostly leather.

He didn’t seem too disapointed and siad it will happen with that pitch and he can’t give me any pointers because he really has no clue. Things are looking pretty good though my location wasn’t bad and speed seemed to be decent too. That pitch works really good to just get a hitter offbalance. Sometimes with my fastball they take a crappy swing just becuase they think it is going to be an offspeed pitch.