Changing My 9 yo's Mechanics

My 9 year old has an average arm for his age. He is very accurate. The thing I am trying to correct is he leads with his arm so his arm does not lay back and his velocity is not there. He used to have a terrible shot put motion that has developed into his current form. We have tried to make adjustments but with little luck. I am looking for some ideas on how to change his throwing mechanics. Thanks

Well without seeing his mechanics it’s really hard to have specific ideas, my only concern is that he is 9 and you have already overhauled his throwing action and now you aren’t satisfied with his velocity. He’s 9, work on location, location, location…when he starts to mature about 11 or 12 start to do a bit of work of velocity and then when he is 13 or 14 put more time in on that. A pitcher with good control can definately develop more velocity but it’s hard to teach a fireballer control.

So let us get a look at his mechanics, post some video and let us get a look!

I agree seeing video would be good. But also be aware that improving the rest of you son’s mechanics can result in an improved arm motion as the arm will adjust to fit the parameters established by the rest of the delivery. For example, a faster tempo will reduce the time the arm has to do its thing which often results in the arm speeding up.

So don’t be in too big of a hurry to mess with the throwing arm.