Changing how I take sign from windup, is this a balk?


So I recently won a semi-used CK22 A2000 to pitch in and I found that the ball is best hidden when changing grips etc how pitchers like Jacob Degrom take the sign, their mitt up at their face only showing the eye.

However, it didn’t feel comfortable pitching from up there and would like to drop my mitt after taking the sign to a position more like luis severino, but my mitt would be around my chest/nipple area.

I’m worried about this being called a balk, I strictly go from the stretch no matter where base runners are, but just to be safe, would switching my hands to sideways and dropping them without breaking my hands on the rubber be called a balk?
To sum it up
If I switched where my hands were in the windup without breaking them, is that a balk? Basically just moving my hands like Clayton Kershaw. I don’t think this is a balk because of Clayton Kershaw, but want to be safe.



Don’t understand what you mean, but if whatever you want to do is what Clayton Kershaw is doing, by all means, go for it.