Changing high elbow/shoulder

i know many people around here say dont change a pitchers arm slot unless because of injury. well i used to throw high 3/4 and my elbow and shoulder was high and i am trying to switch this. its alot harder than just telling yourself to lower the elbow. any help for this? just going through a throwing motion i notice my shoulder gets very raised, and i feel this might be a reason for my old shoulder injury.

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but if you feel that lowering your arm slot will reduce the risk of injury, go to it. In my playing days, way back when, I was a natural sidearmer, and my elbow was always on a level with my shoulder so that when I threw the ball my arm was parallel to the ground, and I relied on wrist action to get the ball moving the way I wanted it. Ever see clips of Walter Johnson? That was how he threw the ball.
And you can work on it the same way. You might get a catcher and have him position his mitt here, there, wherever, and you can practice throwing sidearm and getting used to it. After a while you’ll find that delivery so comfortable that you might wonder how you ever threw the ball any other way. No doubt some other folks might have some other ideas, but this should do for a start. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Hi tdbaseball,

The single best way to make a change through your pitching delivery or batting swing is to develop muscle memory in that new delivery or swing. The only way you can do this is through repetition. This means you will need to practice your delivery everyday. For your pitching here, you do not even need to throw a baseball, just “shadow” the delivery. Each time you need to consciously be aware of where your shoulder is. Over time, you will begin to develop the muscle memory for your elbow and shoulder to go to the right place automatically. However, if you are initially have great difficulty with this. You should have a teammate, pitching coach, parent or someone else break down your motion to the part where they help bring your arm in this position. The main takeaway here is to recognize that you can make this change if you keep after it and the more repetitions you do the more natural it will become.

Good luck. I think you will be impressed with your progress if you keep after it for two weeks straight. Consider video taping yourself to see how your progress is going and to improve your repetitions even more.

Jack Elliott

I’m curious about what you mean by “high shoulder” and what “problem” you are attempting to solve. Do you have some video?

I agree with DM. In particular, I’d like to know about your posture. If your head and spine are tilted as well, then your focus should be on correcting your posture and letting the arm take care of itself. A posture issue like this could explain arm issues.

Post some video.

this probably wont be to clear but ill give it a try. i am recovering from slap repair surgery and am in the early stages of the throwing program. i used to throw over the top and believe my elbow would get to high and that put alot of stress on the shoulder. jack, you are right it probably will just take alot of practice and a conscious effort to change it. one example would be halladay when he came up as a rookie to now. now he throws with a lower arm slow and looks like his elbow is lower.

the raised shoulder part may be because i havent regained my full ROM yet. when i get to the power position, my shoulder is raised up and doesnt stay down.