What is the best changeup grip

More about changeups: There really isn’t any such thing as one best changeup grip. It all has to do with how tightly or how loosely you grip the ball. I recommend getting a grip firm enough that you can get a handle on it but not so hard that you’re trying to squeeze the juice out of the ball. A good example is a palm ball, which you hold way back in the palm of your hand with all four fingers on top and the thumb underneath. I used to throw one, way back when, and I used it as a changeup, and very effective it was too. Important: you have to throw a changeup with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as any of your other, more ordinary, pitches—I remember one pitcher we used to face a lot in games; he had a beautiful slow curve but he was telegraphing it all the time, both by twitching his elbow in a peculiar way when he was going to throw it and also by slowing down his arm speed: a no-no in anybody’s book! We used to knock him out of the box in the third or fourth inning, and the stupid never learned. :roll:
There’s nothing like a good changeup.

Great Points Zita,
I try an emphasize to myself the point of not trying to throw the changeup just let the grip do the work, and this helps keep me using my natural arm motion.