What type of changeup does Johan Santana throw? And why is his so much better than anyone else’s. What does he do to it that makes it drop so much?

I think it’s a circle change but I think he throws another variation, the 3 fingered one as well.

Yeah, its a circle change, and its probably his arm angle, finger pressure, and pronation that give his changeup so much screwball like movement.

For some reason I can’t post pictures but here’s how he holds it.

He throws it with the same arm speed as his fastball.

Isn’t that grip called something like the Volcan Change? I’m pretty sure Eric Gagne throws that as well.

Here we go. It’s spelled Vulcan, my mistake.

Ahh, too bad I can only do that Star Trek sign with my catching hand :frowning:

Yeah the grip is somewhat close, but with a vulcan change his fingers would be more spread out, check out this thread for more information and pictures: