My changeup is noticably slower than my fastball and would be a good pitch if I could keep it down. A high changeup will almost always get crushed. I threw a lot of changeups in this past fall season and the ones that were down were never hit, the ones I left up were crushed. Is there anything I can do to keep it low?

throw it, throw it, throw it. throw it during long toss from longer distances to work on not slowing arm speed, someone mentioned having all changeups days when their pitchers could throw nothing but changeups when playing catch, shagging, etc. work on control during bullpens. you could be slowing your arm action if you are leaving it high.

Thanks raiderbb. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

you should have someone else watch you throw it to make sure you have your arm up in the fastball slot. if you drop down a little you’ll either hang it or throw it 4 feet in front of the plate.

make sure every single thing is the same as your fastball.

heres what i do. i take the grip and literally tell myself im throwing a 4 seam

dodgerfan has it right. trust ur grip and just think fastball as your throwing it. ties in to what raider said also. throw it throw it throw it! u gotta get comfortable with it to trust it. just keep practicing getting the feel and release down and youll have a nasty one in no time

Great advice all around.

Continuing to throw it is really key. Don’t be afraid to also incorporate it into other throwing sessions besides bullpens. Throw it when playing catch, use the grip when practicing mechanics, even use it during long toss. The more you use it, the more familiarity you will have with it, and get better keeping it down.


One can never have too many changeups. I started out with a very nice palm ball, and over the next couple of years I acquired a few more. My old pitching coach told me that just about any pitch could be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few such for me, and being a confirmed snake-jazzer—not much in the way of speed but with a good arsenal of breaking stuff—I added them to my arsenal. And I’ll never forget what Babe Ruth once said: “A good changeup will cause batters more grief than anything else.” He knew whereof he spoke; he had been a very good pitcher before being converted to an outfielder. 8)


You’ve receive lots of good advice, so I can’t really add anything new, but perhaps I can expound a little on what the others have told you.

Pitching is all about timing. It just that simple. If you want a pitch to end up in a certain place, you have to coordinate all of your thoughts and muscles to release the ball at a specific point in time, otherwise if the ball goes where you intend, its pure luck.

Personally, to me throwing long toss using the CU grip doesn’t teach you much about accuracy, but it does give lots of confidence because the grip will become much more “comfortable”. Throwing it while playing catch in warm-ups should give you a good sense of location during warm-ups, but that’s not the same as pitching. So, eventually you’re gonna have to get on a mound and practice the thing, just as you did for every other pitch you throw with command. I’m assuming you have good command with at least one pitch.