realizing that there’s no real way to learn a change up without simply getting out there and experimenting… i’m looking for helpful tips and grips that could help me find a change up that suits my game…

As some of you know, and some of you do not I recently had elbow surgery, and am just now getting back to competitive pitching… well to make a long story short, I need a pitch that breaks away from lefties (I’m a RHP) … i used to throw a real nice 2seam/sinker that would dip hard down and away from lefties, but since having my elbow repaired i’m yet to find a way to replicate that movement… I think my arm slot may have changed a bit, making it far more difficult for me to throw such a pitch.

So suggestions on a change-up?


I find a circle change is a great change-up that can get movement not only away from lefties but down AND away. I throw my circle change like this:

I found by using this grip I wouldn’t get the movement I wanted but… by putting my thumb on top of my index finger I got much more down and away movement, and it was a great pitch:][img][/img

Unfortunately, I found it too hard to locate but it had the movement I desired.
Hope this helps! And don’t forget to change how deep you hold the ball, to find the “sweet spot”

Many moons ago, my pitching coach once told me that just about any pitch could be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated several such for me. It all has to do with the grip, how far back in your hand you hold the ball—and he said that you have to throw everything with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as the fast ball, because therein lies the deception that is such an integral part of the changeup. Since you’ve just come back from arm surgery, some things may have changed with regard to your arm slot and all that, so you will need to experiment with different grips and such.
The circle change is a good one. So is the palm ball—a favorite of mine—which you grip with all four fingers on top of the ball and the thumb underneath for support. One thing you have to remember about that one is not to grip it too tightly, because you don’t want to squeeze the juice out of the ball! You can change speeds by tightening or loosening the grip or holding the ball further forward or further back in your hand. So go ahead, try out different ones, find what’s comfortable for you, and I wish you all the best. 8)

well for your question yo want the circle change which someone has kindly put a picture of. its a great pitch. but i personally love the palmball. you can get movement like the circle by pronating your arm.