Changeup Movement

Still can’t find anything online to help with my movement issues. All of my other pitches move ( sometimes even my fastball).

I know about pronation and finger as well as thumb pressure, but thats about it.

Stop messing around with all that stuff. Find a grip that you like and play catch with it ALL THE TIME. Don’t even worry about how much it moves. Just throw it all the time. Throw it with the same arm speed as your other pitches, don’t slow your arm down. The easiest way to make it better is to play catch with it.

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Ok thank you…

By the way, why do you have Sonny Gray on your profile pic, if your name is Astro25?

BlueJaysFan2000 is just full of thought provoking questions.

Good for movement issues

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lol really?

Just having some fun since you were looking for some help with your “movement issues”. To get movement on your changeup release as far out front as possible and pronate (even exegerate the pronation).

yeah lol I know

Because he is my favorite pitcher