Changeup help needed

Iv been throwing a changeup up for about a year now, and I still have little control on it. The only reason I’m still throwing it is because its got some nasty screwball type of movement on it. I use a traditional circle changeup grip except when I put my ring and middle finger on it like a 2 seam I move the fingers a little to the left. Any tips to increase accuracy? (i have no control problems with my other pitches)[/u] I also pronate a lot when I throw my changeup.

Coach Corral from Memphis has posted an excellent video on the change up. Just do a search. He posted it a couple of months ago. It’s also on his YouTube site. Worth checking out. Good Luck.

you just need to find a balance between the good movement and command. keep playin around with the grips. try moving your thumb more underneath the ball rather than on the side. this should give you a little more control and command. just be sure to throw it ALL the time. the only way you’re going to get a feel for it, is if you throw it when you warm up.

Why would you change the way you throw your fastball, use the different grip and throw it the same way as your fastball and your accuracy will go up.

If it were me and I couldn’t gain control of a certain pitch in a year, I’d trash it and start again. Give up on the circle and try using the much more simple and natural 3 fingered change, or even a simple split.

Sometimes people get out synch when trying to throw a CU when they haven’t before. The object is to 1st be able to throw it for a strike, then to worry about the other things like movement, and velocity difference from the FB.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to throw strikes with it in just a few hundred pitches. That doesn’t mean you’d have great control, but it does mean you wouldn’t be throwing it only 59’ or over the catcher’s head. Once you have that kind of comfort, you can start tweaking things a little at a time to see what makes it most effective for you.

Here’s a helpful hint. I’ve been doing it for several weeks and I’ve found it to be quite helpful.

Start throwing part of your long toss sessions with a change up grip. This will help reinforce to your body / mind / mechanically that nothing needs to be altered when you throw this.

Hope this helps