changeup grips

does anyone have any changeups grips where i can keep my same arm speed from fastball

Umm. Circle change? Why wouldnt you keep the arm speed? All the grip will do is change the ball speed, not the arm speed.

try split-fingered change

How old are you and what do you throw now? Big hands? Smallish hands?

Comfort with the change is key. Find a grip and throw it… repeat, throw it. repeat, throw it. When I do lessons with kids they usually come in once a week for a half hour. The other days they spend throwing with their dad or friends. I ask them, how many times did you throw last week? they may say 2 or 3 days. Then I’ll ask them how many throws did they make per session. They’ll usually say some normal number like 40 or so. so that makes around 120 throws per week… Then I’ll ask how many of them were with the changeup grip… No surprise here… the answer almost always is zero! Then mom and dad always wonder, why isn’t Johnny throwing his changeup for a strike?

It’s tough to get good at something and comfortable with something when it’s not practiced. Play catch with it!

Great advice Hammer, I myself would throw Changes during a long toss session to help get that feel for the grip.

Good point Wales. Playing catch with the change in long toss has great benefits. I like to throw changeups from around 90 feet… cut em loose. I figure if I can hit my partner in the belt from 90 ft then I should have no problem throwing strikes with it.

I did that this year when all the new freshman first came to 6th period. I was warming up with him, and all I threw was changeups. The next day he thought he could stretch his arm out (he actually had a weak arm) and I started popping fastballs in on him. I thought it was kind of funny.

the critical component of any change up grip is getting the fingerprint pads of the index and middle fingers off of the baseball. you can do that many ways. the conservative method is by moving the index finger off the ball and the ring finger side of the middle finger is the only part of the middle finger that rides on the ball. most people call this the circle change and emphasize making the circle with the index finger. i have better luck emphasizing getting the pad of the middle finger off the ball.

the next method that i have good luck with is emphasizing the position of the ring finger on the ball. if the ring finger and thumb are on the middle or equator of the ball and you tell a kid to throw a fastball off of his ring finger, that tends to work very well. they do not slow their arm down and can develop feel with the pad of the ring finger. (this is pedro’s change up)

the aggressive method is to throw a two seam fastball off the ends of the ring finger and pinkie. don’t even think of doing this unless you are prepared to work. you will need to throw this pitch at least 50 times per day to develop feel with it. it is a quality change up.

the most radical change up grip i’ve ever seen (only used by one pitcher i know) uses the two seam ring finger/pinkie grip parallel to the seams, with the fingers split apart outside the seams (a type of split finger using the ring finger and pinkie). it is tough to master this pitch, but if you can throw it for a strike, it is devistating. you do not have to turn it over or anything. rotate it straight backwards so it looks like a fastball coming out of your hand. it will never get there.

this thing is devastating if you can do it.

try them. One move in and one move out with same arm speed

In my opinion , the grip used is secondary … I like to encourage the feeling of the ball “slipping” out of the hand , and mixing it into every throwing session is key to developing that feel . Also, while many have success pushing the ball deep in the hand, I suggest that kids also try the opposite - get it out on the fingers. I always had better feel (control) there … turning the ball over creates additional run while helping to reduce veolocity, and giving the appearance of a fastball .

The key is to maintain fastball arm action , you’ve gotta sell it as a fb … one that you have to establish as one that you can throw for a perceived) strike in any count … ie., hitters counts ( 2-0, 3-1 ) .

Very common - unfortunately.