Changeup- fingertip release?


I’m having a problem throwing my change… the problem I have is how I release the ball …

Originally, in my youth, I learned to throw a two-finger change in which I gripped it similar to a 2-sema fastball, but actually had my fingertips elevated off the ball so all the pressure I exerted came from the back of the ball from the bottom of my fingers, right where they meet the palm of my hand… It comes out nice and slow, but I have/had trouble throwing it consitently for strikes…

(I can’t throw the circle change b/c of my relatively small hand)

Fastforward to now…I’ve been tinkering with the three finger change, decentralizing force amongts the three fingers …

BUT as you see, my habbit has been to choke the change and to let it come out of the back of my fingers … and so I’m unsure if the three finger should be released the same way … it feels to me, and this may just be my mind playing tricks on me, but it feels to me like when I release the change off my finger tips that it’s going to fast, and is merely a lame and fat fastball…

Isn’t it true that a change is slower if you don’t release it off the tips??? I know, I know, it’s been nearly impossible for me to be consistent this way… but for some reason I want my change to be so slow, I want to see guys flail at it … it’s causing me great stress. Any help?


Throwing a changeup with the fingertips off the ball will make it a very hard pitch to control. I would suggest focusing on pronating (i.e. rotating it so the palm faces slightly outward) the hand/wrist slightly so that the 2nd and 3rd fingers are on top of the ball. Really focus on throwing with the 2nd and 3rd fingers on top of the ball.

If you can’t use a circle grip, maybe try an “OK” grip (index finger not tucked in but tip of index finger touching tip of thumb) or a “C” grip (index finger and thumb don’t even touch). Anything you can do to take the index finger off the ball will reduce velocity. Heck, you can even just use a fastball grip (which would make the pitch a screwball) as long as you pronate the wrist/hand slightly. The slight pronation positions the index finger along side the ball instead of behind it so that it can’t apply force through the ball.


By pronate you mean turn it over, right? as in having the palm turn over to be open on the third base side??


I call supinating “rotating out” and pronating “rotating in”. When you throw a curve ball, you supinate. When you throw a change-up, you pronate. Of course, you do neither when you throw a fastball.

When you prontate, your thumb points down more.


Hey Roger, that’s a great tip, my man… I’ve heard it before but for some reason I never thought to try it with the three finger grip, only with my hard to control 2 finger elevated … anyway, yeah, the pronated really takes some speed off the ball …