Changeup-Does palm turn out naturally?

I need to develop a changeup. I have heard that the palm must turn out to reduce speed. I am wondering if that is a function solely of the grip or if it is a conscious movement. Thanks very much.

it depends on the kind of change up you want to throw. with a circle change you shouldn’t turn your palm out just keep the grip and wrist loose and throw with regular arm speed

Do you mean pronation? Becuase you pronate on every pitch.

No you don’t.

You certainly don’t pronate to the same degree as someone who is actively trying to pronate.

When throwing a circle change, you want to throw the circle. That means pointing the circle at the target, which forces you to pronate and alters the spin and movement of the ball.

Thanks so much for your help! That totally clears up my confusion, “throwing the circle” at the catcher with my circle changeup grip. Great cue!

Pronating will reduce speed because more force is imparted around the ball and less force is imparted through the ball. But the grip can also reduce velocity. For example, the circle change grip removes a strong finger from behind the ball and replaces it with a weaker finger.

Pronating will also create movement - the force that is imparted around the ball creates spin.

Pitches like the circle change, the screwball and (for some) the sinker involve conscious pronation.

The idea behind the circle change grip is to take the strong index finger off the ball and position it so it can’t really be used to apply force to the ball. If you don’t pronate, you can cheat and still use the index finger even though it is curved to make the circle. Pronating takes the index finger out of the picture.

Yes, you do pronate on every pitch - after ball release. But I don’t think that’s really what’s being asked here. Rather, I think the question is about pronation prior to release.